EA CEO explains 'fundamental' changes to dev process

Electronic Arts has gotten a black eye or two recently. Fortunately CEO Andrew Wilson seems to recognize the problem, and has started making a point of talking about the company's plans to fix the complaints.

"We have... really gone in and fundamentally changed the development process," Wilson told Kotaku. "So the time from alpha to final is now significantly longer. So we're asking teams to be finished earlier. We're also looking at teams and saying, 'You have to maintain a playable build from the very first conceptual phase, so we can be testing stability [and] scalability all the way through the development process."

He also said that the QA testing has been shifted, with a longer phase to get games into testing significantly earlier. And to get feedback, he says he wants to show games earlier so that players can respond while the game is still in the development stages. That means reveals like Battlefield Hardline, which was shown only months before its planned October release, will be less common. Finally, if a game doesn't work as it should, Wilson said the company needs to be more open to delays.