FIFA 15 and Madden NFL 15 getting changes for the better

Not to leave out its die-hard sports fans, Electronic Arts also detailed a pair of its long-time franchises, FIFA 15 and Madden NFL 15, with some new features that are worth getting excited over when the games arrive this fall.

First up, Madden NFL 15 will feature a new focus on defense. Camera angles are being changed within the game so that there’s a new dynamic to how defensivemen perform when it comes to going after the ball. With these angles in place, players will now be able to “read and attack the offense,” according to the description.

Tackling has also gone through some modification, so that players have “more consistent results” when it comes to bringing someone down. These include trickier grabs for a player running down the field, as well as last-ditch efforts to stop them from getting into the end zone.

Players will also show better emotions and reactions, such as disgust when a rival team scores or, of course, joy when someone crosses into the end zone. Expect this to add a new degree to the game’s design when it ships on August 26th.

As for FIFA 15, it’ll feature the addition of “emotional memory.” With this, players will be able to react to events that are happening during the course of a game. This could incorporate some drives late in the game that will bring the best out of a player. More touches will also be lent to animations, so that player contact and kicks look more natural.

The game will arrive shortly after Madden, in September.