Battlefield: Hardline closed beta begins today on PC and PS4

After several leaks derailed the surprise factor, Visceral Games took the stage to reveal more of Battlefield: Hardline. This time, the studio was ready to show off some of the game's multiplayer and also reveal that the closed beta is open now on PC and PS4.

Much of the multiplayer should look familiar to Battlefield fans, but it's all surrounded by an action-filled urban environments. Police cars swoop in every few seconds, giving the game more of a Grand Theft Auto feel. Explosives and rocket launchers were on full display, which served to show off the game's destructible environments. The demo ended with an intense chase sequence, which had the criminals fleeing police barricades and incoming backup squads. Check out the full multiplayer demo from the perspective of both cops and robbers by watching the video below.

Battlefield 4 owners can simply access their copies of the game in order to find the Hardline beta or sign up on the official site. It's first-come, first-serve, so go! Now!