More of Mirror's Edge 2 unveiled, new trailer

Ever since it was officially hinted at last year, people have been avidly waiting for new information on DICE’s follow-up to Mirror’s Edge. During today’s EA press conference, the company came through with flying colors, officially confirming the follow-up.

The behind-the-scenes vignette features plenty of concept art behind the game, including a slight redesign for Faith that, while faithful to her original design, fits a little more snugly with this generation of gaming. Some concept video was also revealed, showcasing some improved physics, particularly with parkour-like running skills, coming off walls, and more.

Combat also played a big part in the behind-the-scenes video, as Faith is capable of knocking down enemies from above, as well as taking them on in hand-to-hand combat.

While the game is still early in development, the crowd was definitely excited about what shown. More from Mirror’s Edge 2 will be revealed in the months ahead.