Don't Starve: Giant Edition collects all previous content for Vita

Don't Starve players are about to get an option for some survival action on the go. After taking some months to muse over the idea, Klei Entertainment has announced that they will officially be bringing their game to Vita.

Going under the title Don't Starve: Giant Edition, the Vita version will include all of the base game, along with everything from the Reign of Giants expansion and all of the PC updates to date. This includes new characters, new explorable regions, and Adventure Mode.

"We've also optimized the game to take advantage of Vita's touch features," Klei community manager Corey Rollins added on PlayStation.Blog. "Navigation for menus, maps, items, and crafting are all touch friendly, or you can use the classic button navigation. We'll have more details in the coming months, but we wanted to confirm it’s happening. We're also working on the final steps to bring the Reign of Giants Expansion to PS4. So expect an update on that release soon."

A release date has not been issued for Don't Starve: Giant Edition.