Sniper Elite 3 trailer focuses on multiplayer

We've seen the many ways in which American sniper Karl Fairburne plans to maim and dismember Nazis with a single shot of his trusty rifle in the upcoming Sniper Elite 3. But the newest trailer from Rebellion focuses more on getting your friends involved in the sniping fun by showing off the game's multiplayer modes.

Competitive multiplayer modes will house up to 12 players. Players will do battle across several 'no-cross' maps in a number of deathmatch modes, as well as other modes like Distance King. Two players can also run through the game's Overwatch and Survival co-op modes, along with the game's entire campaign. As discussed in our most recent preview, co-op in the campaign is restricted to two players, due to balance concerns.

Players can earn Medals, Ribbons, and XP across all multiplayer modes. For more, check out the trailer below.