Mario Kart 8: Our favorite replay videos (so far)

Mario Kart 8 has been a critical and commercial success, but it's recently caught fire in one more way that we didn't expect. Replay videos are a hit, and so we thought we'd pay homage the creative ways the Internet has taken this concept and run with it.

Luigi's Death Stare

No list of great Replay Videos would be complete without Luigi's Death Stare. Mario's brother is apparently one heck of a fierce competitor, and will shame you with an aggressive sideways glance while kicking dust in your face. It's inspired countless imitators, but our favorite must be this one in which an attempt at the stare goes horribly wrong. Or maybe the Ridin' Dirty remix.

The Softer Side of Roy

Everyone judges Roy. His father is a war criminal, his siblings are all sociopaths, and he's been struggling with weight management. But Roy has feelings. Deep in those scales is a sensitive soul, and his tears are hidden only by his fabulous eyewear.

The Year of Luigi Never Ends

Something about Mario Kart 8 certainly inspires reviving old songs. Courtesy of greenbergMD in Chatty, we have this excellent look at the pathos in Luigi's mind. Hey, you try being the marquee spokesman for what turns out to be the most disastrous year in recent memory for a company. See how you feel about it.

Right in the Kisser

We've all seen some cheap shots in Mario Kart games, but rarely is it captured so clearly on film. This Red Shell floats right past the hapless racer, then does a U-turn to smack him square in the jaw. It's as if even inanimate objects in the Mushroom Kingdom think to themselves, "Wait, who was that, Waluigi? Yeah, I'm-a go hit him."

So That's How Michael Bay Does It

It's amazing what a little editing can do. With the addition of some menacing music and slow motion, a happy trip around Toad Harbor turns into a movie trailer for a thriller about an overalls-clad jerk who terrorizes a happy community of go-kart enthusiasts. Courtesy of sticktastic in Chatty.

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