Heroes of the Storm spotlights Warcraft's Muradin

Heroes of the Storm is spotlighting another character from the Warcraft universe this week. The mighty (and diminutive) Muradin is another formidable member of the growing MOBA roster, as the game's latest trailer will attest to.

Muradin uses his hard-hitting hammer to deal out some major hurt. His 'Stormbolt' attack can cause damage and also briefly incapacitate opponents, while his area-of-effect 'Thunderclap' attack slows down surrounding foes, while the 'Dwarf Toss' maneuver allows the Warrior to escape danger and cause some damage on the way down. Muradin will not be held down by his size when it comes to his Heroic Abilities, as 'Avatar' turns him into a stone goliath, while 'Haymaker' will send targets flying backwards on contact.

For more on Muradin, check out the Heroes of the Storm website.