OlliOlli goes Cross-Buy with upcoming PS4 and PS3 versions

Developer Roll7 is preparing to kick out a new update for their Vita skatefest, OlliOlli. Players will finally be able to brag about their Hawk-esque skating prowess when the game adds leaderboards later this month. To celebrate this frequently requested addition, the game will also become a Cross-Buy title to go along with the upcoming PS4 and PS3 versions.

Roll7 released the good news about the Cross-Buy addition on Twitter earlier today, later adding that Cross-Save support would be available across all Sony platforms. The developer had previously stated at PAX East that they were shooting for a July 22 release date for the PS4 and PS3 versions of the game. However, Roll7 most recently tweeted that a solid release date is not set.

OlliOlli also received a patch earleir today that fixed a nagging crash bug. OlliOlli's PS4, PS3, and Vita versions are all being published by BlitWorks, with a PC version also schedueld to come later this year from Devolver Digital.