Homefront: The Revolution fighting for freedom in 2015 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4

Back in 2011, Crytek had indicated that it would be taking the reigns on Homefront and developering a sequel for the former THQ franchise. Since then, all was quiet across all camps. Over two years had passed without a single mention of Homefront. All that changes today. Crytek and Deep Silver have stepped forward to reveal Homefront: The Revolution, the official sequel to the Kaos-developed original, which will release on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in 2015.

The revolution begins again in Philadelphia

The game fast-forwards to 2025, where America is in ruins. The North Koreans are four years into their invasion, having fully conquered the United States. The story centers around a burgeoning resistance in Philadelphia, who must use the only resources available to them to begin an uprising. Though the premise may lend itself to the idea, players will not be controlling hardened soldiers. Homefront: The Revolution revolves around average citizens that are fed up with the North Korean regime and the gameplay will reflect that these are normal, everyday people by focusing on stealth tactics. Revolution members will have to grow their ranks and establish bases, as well as go on supply runs that will help them craft better weapons that will ultimately prepare them for the fight ahead. Many of Philadelphia's sights will be familiar and Crytek is aiming to bring it to life in other ways, adding in a day-night cycle and dynamic weather effects. The developer promises a truly open-ended experience that will offer unscripted combat. More information about Homefront: The Revolution is expected to surface at this year's E3.