How to Survive introduces Nina DLC on PC

How to Survive has been out in the wild and living off the land since November. But as it turns out, there's still another survivor on the island and she also has the skills needed to survive an onslaught of the undead. Her name is Nina and she's the central focus of the 'Hello, my name is Nina' DLC that released earlier this week.

Nina is the game's fourth playable character and she has a unique skill tree that allows her the ability to craft some new weapons, like the flamethrower. She's a valuable party member to have available, so much so that even those that don't purchase the DLC can play with anyone that's controlling Nina.

Developer EKO Studios isn't done with their zombie survival game just yet. The studio plans to add another DLC pack this summer, called El Diablo Islands.

"We wouldn't like to give too much away at this stage, so let's say it obviously introduces a new set of distinctive islands to explore, new weapons and crafts, new gameplay-changing weather effects, new NPC's, new zombies and threats, iguanas (yes, IGUANAS!) and... that's all we can say, today," stated the accompanying Steam announcement post.

While you wait for the new islands to come around, introduce yourselves to Nina in the trailer below. The 'Hello, my name is Nina' DLC is available now on Steam for $1.99. No word on whether this DLC will make it to the game's console counterparts.