Pikmin 3 2.0.0 update adds GamePad and stylus control option

It's always been somewhat baffling that Pikmin 3 couldn't use their stylus and the GamePad touch screen to control their little helpers. That appears to have changed, thanks to a new 2.0.0 update that is now live, giving players the option to control their Pikmin with the Wii U GamePad and stylus.

The change was first spotted by a Twitter user named James Scott (via NintendoEverything). The option allows players to control their Pikmin similar to the manner in which they do in the Nintendo Land Pikmin mini-game, dismissing followers and calling up characters at-will. Pikmin purists also have the option to retain their classic control style, if they so desire.

Conveniently, the update arrives in the wake of the recent Mario Kart 8 promotion that allows users to register their copy of the racer for a free downloadable game, with Pikmin 3 among the available selections.