Xbox Games with Gold June line-up partially detailed

Microsoft already spilled the beans on June's "Games with Gold" line-up. As part of its flurry of announcements (removing Kinect! untethered entertainment apps!), it revealed that the program would be coming to Xbox One, and laid out the next batch at the time. But now that June is right around the corner, it has announced some of the dates for the line-up.

Specifically, the announcement covers the 360 dates. Dark Souls is due this Sunday, on June 1. Then on June 16, it will swap out for Charlie Murder and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition.

That theoretically makes it easy to upgrade to the upcoming Ultra edition, but as our own Ozzie Meija laments, Ultra is coming on June 3. That means if you want the cheap option, you'll have to wait for the Gold-gratis Arcade Edition on June 16 and then upgrade that.

June will also net you Halo: Spartan Assault and Max and the Curse of Brotherhood as previously announced, but oddly Microsoft didn't share dates on those two.

We do know that the Games with Gold program will work slightly differently on Xbox One, though. Part of Microsoft's pitch for differentiating its program from Sony's PlayStation Plus is that once you get a game from the Games with Gold, it's yours to keep forever. The Xbox One version seems identical to Plus, though, as Microsoft announced users would be given "subscription-based access" to the library. Presumably, that means once you let your Gold lapse, you lose your Xbox One freebies. The 360 program appears to be remaining untouched.