Broforce May update introduces new Bros and mech suits

One would imagine that Broforce would have unleashed all of its sheer Bro-centric action. One would also imagine that Shacknews writers would have exhausted all of its "bro" puns. But there's no stopping the bro-mentum, as Devolver Digital and Free Lives demonstrate with Broforce's May update.

The latest Broforce update adds a pair of Bros to the roster. Broniversal Soldier arrives with the ability to resurrect enemies and recruit them to the side of America! He can likewise bro-suscitate fallen Bros and get them back in the fight. Time Bro travels in from the future and comes with the ability to stop time in its tracks before plowing down enemies with his Beretta. The update also tosses in 'Mechanized Terror Units,' allowing players to bro-bliterate enemies by having their Bros don mech suits.

The new update also features some balance tweaks to Indiana Brones and the Mammoth Kopter boss, as well as toss in some fixes to online multiplayer. In the spirit of that same multiplayer mode, Broforce can now be purchased in packs of four.

For more on the latest Broforce update, bro-ceed to watch the trailer below. Broforce is currently available on Steam Early Access.