Transistor: Our favorite Functions

Transistor is another standout experience from Supergiant Games, thanks to an engaging story and creative setting. The gameplay itself is shockingly deep, though, relying on a rich and flexible system of Functions that can slot into a wide variety of different attacks and effects. The combinations are mind-bogglingly vast, so we've compiled a few of our favorite ways to mop up The Process.

The Power Strike

  • Cull (Mask+Void)
  • Get (Spark+Crash)
  • Jaunt
  • Passive: Breach+Ping

This build is all about setting up your enemies for a few massively painful blows. Cull upgraded with Mask and Void makes for a powerful backstabbing attack. Get upgraded with Spark and Crash draws enemies toward you and makes them more vulnerable for the coming assault, while Jaunt is a versatile ability that lets you dash behind them or run away quickly if your strike doesn't finish them off.

Finally, setting Breach to a Passive slot gives you more planning time for multiple Cull strikes, which should mean you can strike enough times to take down most bosses in one turn. The Ping is handy for large group situations, giving you additional movement to close in on targets or escape to safety.

Bombs Away

  • Crash (Purge)
  • Load (Bounce+Spark)
  • Ping
  • Passive: Void+Breach

If you want to make a killer light show, look no further. The Load ability with Bounce and Spark will make several smaller bombs that themselves will detonate and ricochet, dealing damage over a wide area. The Ping is a low-cost way to set off the bombs, but you only have to hit one cluster since the ricochet effect will set off the rest. Crash powered up with Purge will leave them more vulnerable, and slow enemies down so they can't escape the coming barrage of explosive force.

Void and Breach are good standbys for almost any combo, but especially in this case. It will increase your base damage, and give you more planning action time to fit multiple bombs.

Release the Hounds

  • Help (Spark+Void)
  • Jaunt (Get+Tap)
  • Passive: Breach+Switch

This combo is perfect for those who would rather let their minions do the fighting for them. Help ordinarily lets you summon a friendly canine, but Spark gives you double the doggies and Void lets them both do extra damage. Since this setup is all about letting others jump into the fray for you, Jaunt lets you get away from the action quickly, while Tap adds a healing ability and Get spawns a gravity well to draw enemies toward it instead of you.

Having your Passives is just icing on the cake. Breach gives them more planning time, and Switch will create even more distractions for your enemies by spawning a friendly BadCell for every Cell you retrieve.

You Work for Me Now

  • Switch (Cull+Void)

This combination may seem simplistic with only one ability, but it's the perfect capper to an arsenal that needs another slot filled. With this equipped, every battle should start with finding the biggest, baddest enemy on the map and using Switch to make it do your dirty work. The addition of Void makes it even more of a bruiser, and Cull will make the effect last twice as long.

You can use whatever method you like to finish off your brainwashed minion after the effect wears off, but this is one case where Recursion Mode comes in handy. In that mode, you get duplicate Functions and can slot the same one into multiple spots, as long as you use them in different slotting types. If you have two instances of Cull, you can mostly replicate the Power Strike setup described above. Pair your Cull with the Mask ability for an easy way to backstab your Switched enemy once it's taken the beating to everyone else for you.

Have your own favorite Function combos? Would you swap out some abilities or plug in extra Functions to make our suggestions even better? Let us know in Chatty! And while you're there, pat Nerdsbeware from Chatty on the back for inspiring this piece.