Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: Bottom of the Eighth

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and navigate your way through the first mission of the game: Bottom of the Eighth. Catch up with Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 of our Watch Dogs guide

Mission: Bottom of the Eighth

Objective: Shoot Maurice Aim your gun at Maurice, pull the trigger, and the game will move to the next scene. When Maurice comes at you, do a takedown to beat him to the ground. Then move on to the next objective. Objective: Examine Maurice's phone for information. Move the crosshairs over Maurice's phone laying on the ground, then hack into it. Objective: Leave the locker room when ready. There are a handful of useful items laying around the room, but you can head out if you don't feel like picking them up. You can hack into the soda machine right next to you, but you can't pick up any of the cans that fly out. There are meds on the shelf to the right, along with a chemical component on the ground. Step around the corner to the left and you'll find a system key that can be hacked. Move further toward the area on the left and you'll find a paper bag on a shelf with 230 dollars in it. When you're done looking around, follow the waypoint and head straight out the doors. This will trigger a cut scene. Objective: Sneak past the Police. Head to the end of the hallway and take cover right before the corner. Keep an eye on the mini-map to see if the cops are looking in your direction. Sight lines are the arrows coming out from the red circles. Take cover behind a stack of boxes on the left, right in front of the gate. When you get a chance, move forward and hide behind a large stack of boxes. There should be officers on either side of you. If you need a distraction, look to your left and hack the pitching machine. Then look around the corner to the right and highlight the Attract object and hack it for another distraction. When both cops are looking away, quickly make your way up the ramp on the left side towards the waypoint. Go to the top of the ramp and climb up over the dumpster to reach the doorway. Use the Profiler to complete the objective.

Objective: Hack the camera.
Objective: Follow the data flow line to its source.
Objective: Unlock the door. Turn left and look up to spot the camera. Hack into it and you'll see from its point of view. Move it up and left until you see another camera and hack it. With control of the new camera, move it a little to the left and hack the next camera. Hack into the third camera and pivot it to the left for the last one. Point the final camera downward and follow the line in the wall to the hacking point. Hacking the data point will unlock the door and complete the objectives. Objective: Reach the upper level.
Objective: Throw lure to the designated area.
Objective: Use the lure to distract the cop. Exit the camera mode and step through the open door. You'll automatically hide behind the counter. Pick up the electronic component sitting on the table just above you. Then open the weapon wheel to assemble a lure. Throw it, then hack it to create draw the cop away from his post. Stay crouched and sneak to the next counter. When the officer is facing away, make your way up the escalator and then through the doors at the top. In this room, you have the option to hack into the camera up above and use it to break into peoples' phones for some extra cash. Continue left across the room, using the counter for cover. Go all the way to the corner, then out through the glass doors. Keep moving to the end of the hall until you reach the waypoint. Objective: Find and hack the guard with the access code.
Objective: Hack into the stadium's network.
Objective: Create a blackout. There's a camera directly ahead through the glass doors. Hack in and turn it a little to the right to get the second camera into your line of sight. Take control of it and wait for the guy in the grey jacket to get off the phone. Then hack into his phone and get the access code. Shift the camera left to locate the hacking access point. Hack into the system, which shifts your point of view to the floor below. Adjust the camera up and to the right for another hacking point. This allows you access to the stadium's network. Now open the weapon wheel and select the blackout option. Trigger it to make the whole stadium go dark. Then prepare to go through the glass door.

Objective: Escape the stadium. Wait for the guards to move away before entering the room. Use the counter on the left for cover and continue moving in that direction as guards turn away. Try not to be spotted as you go down the darkened escalator on the far left side of the room. At the bottom, run over to the doors ahead. Then continue moving forward into and through the bar until you reach the waypoint. Objective: Leave the police search area.
Objective: Reach your hideout. Exit the bar and go down the stairs. Then go left and run down the street toward the waypoint, where a car awaits you. Go into the alley then look to your left to find a small garage with a red car inside. Get in and then bring up the map. Find your hideout, the Owl Motel, on the southwest corner and set it as a waypoint. Keep an eye on the mini-map and wait for the police cars to pass. They show up as flashing red and blue diamonds. Once they're gone, follow the blue line laid down on the ground and drive toward your hideout. Notice the large white circle around the area. You'll need to move out of that area to escape the police. The best way to dodge the cops is to get onto the freeway. If you spot a blockade at a freeway entrance, wait nearby until it clears out. Lay down and hide in the car so you won't be spotted. If, by some chance, the police do see you, stomp down on the pedal and race for the freeway. You can move really fast there, so getting away shouldn't be too much of a problem. Once the cops are off your tail, make your way to your hideout. Go up to the stairs to the second floor of the Owl Motel. It's very easy to completely miss the second floor and end up on the roof by accident. If you end up there, turn around and go back down the stairs one level. Then follow the waypoint to your room. Once you get inside your hideout, pull up the skill tree and put points into the Gates & Garages skill. You can distribute the remainder of your points however you like, but we recommend sticking to the Hacking category during the early parts of the game. Now you can take a tour of your hideout. Check out the equipment, get some info, and pick up some chemicals. Then head over to the bed when you're done.