Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 9 - Anne's wedding ring and New Tactics

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The population of the hideout has increased, now that you've successfully liberated Camp Belica. Now you're in charge of finding welding equipment for Set Roth. Before you start, walk to the archive room and look behind the door to find Anne on the floor, crying over her lost wedding ring. When you're done speaking to her, head to the third floor and it'll be out just outside of where you can flush the toilet. For some strange reason, you might have to flush the toilet first before you're able to notice the ring. Stay on the third floor, make your way through the closed door, and go to the bench to find that Fergus borrowed the welding equipment. Go back to the first floor and give the wedding ring back to Anne. This will score you a nice Gold Vase. Then go back to the hanger where the helicopters are. There, you'll find Fergus. Talk to him to find out that you need to return to the hideout's first floor and head over to the main room where Anya is always sitting. Go back to the hideout and tell Bambate to move aside so you can find the welder.

Cut a hole using the Laserkraftwerk, then crawl through it and drop into the water to get the welder. Swim forward and up. Feel free to listen in on the conversation when you resurface. Dive back underwater and keep moving forward. Then make a right and go up a ladder to find a Laserkraftwerk charger. Jump over to the next platform, look up, and cut the chain to drop a ladder down. Climb the ladder and go right to pick up the Strobe upgrade. Keep moving until you come to a large room with a part of the wall missing. The hole leads to the next area, but head over to the side room to the right of the door before moving on. Drop down into a section that has several hanging charge kits. Cut the chains and recharge before pulling the corner room lever. Activating the lever causes two robots to pop out. Set the Laserkraftwerk to firing mode and blast them. If you run out of charge, use one of the liberated charge kits laying around while staying behind cover. Walk through the open door once both robots are taken care of. Keep walking forward and cut through any obstacles until you reach the archives room. Return the welding equipment to Set, and he'll give you a note to hand over to Anya, even though they're in the same room. Maybe they're not speaking to each other? Passing the note completes the chapter.


Going up to your bedroom on the second level and sleeping will set off a cool dream sequence that features Tekla. The nap won't interrupt your chapter progress, but it does grant a health upgrade. Congratulations! You've completed this chapter.