Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 7 - Nostalgic Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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In which a simple trip for some concrete takes a sudden and foul-smelling turn. Check out the next bit of Wolfenstein for where to find the upgrades and a nicely nostalgic Easter egg. First thing’s first: on the bed you can find Bobby’s Letter, and the table houses the Kreisau HQ map. Once you have those firmly in hand, talk to Anya to get your instructions, and then head up to the second level. If you try to open the door to see Tekla, he’ll just laugh at you because you need a key. But you’ll show him. Inspect the vent here to find some spores, and then head back to the first floor to access the hanger entrance. Try to pick up the nearby circular saw, and you’ll fall through the floor into the sewers. Take a left and then bear right, being careful to use your Laserkraftwerk to shoot the auto-turret. Head through the door and when you come to a fork, pick the right path. That will lead to a handy upgrade to your Laserkraftwerk. Then double-back the way you came, taking out another auto-turret. After you cut the chain to access a locked gate, you’ll have to take down some drones.

You’ll find a shotgun and ammo from a shelf inside, and some health on a piece of scaffolding. Once you grab all that, head up the stairs and along the catwalk until you reach a ladder that leads to the hanger.


If you head to the top floor and look in the far corner, you’ll find a mattress with a special interaction option. That will open up a side-mission and special Easter Egg to let you play Escape from Wolfenstein Castle. Now that you’ve emerged again, you can use the circular saw to cut a piece of concrete for Anya. Go back to the hideout and into Caroline’s room. You can use the tunnel there to access a secret tunnel behind Max’s room, plus an area of your own room that was previously inaccessible. Go back to the second floor and meet up with Fergus in his bedroom. He’ll give you the archive key, and then you can go back downstairs to get the file from the archives room. Deliver that and the concrete sample to Anya, and you’re finished with this mission.