Dungeon Defenders studio lays off 20% of workforce

Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy Entertainment has laid off roughly 20% of its development staff, as new CEO Darrell Rodriguez attempts to make the company profitable. The displaced employees are being provided financial assistance and extended benefits.

"We are doing this very unpleasant action with respect, empathy and compassion in consideration of the great work that these people have contributed to Trendy," Rodriguez told GamesIndustry.biz.

As for the necessity of the move, he says this was an important move while they're between launches of games to make sure their next release can be profitable. Right now, he admits, they aren't.

"This gives us enough runway to allow us to meet the short and long term goals we've set for Dungeon Defenders II, Playverse, and other unannounced projects," he said. "With this action, we better ensure we can empower employees, developers and fans with the products and platforms we create."