Harmonix finds rhythm with fully-funded Amplitude sequel on Kickstarter [Update]

Update: Following the Kickstarter's success, Harmonix has taken to Twitch to answer questions and discuss the game in more detail. Among the items up for discussion is online head-to-head multiplayer, which Director of Publishing & PR John Drake has stated will be one of Harmonix's first Kickstarter stretch goals at $1.25M. The live stream can be seen after the break.

Original story: At first, it didn't look like a sure thing, only getting halfway to its goal with a matter of days to go. However, never count out the faithful fans that love Harmonix – thanks to them, the company's pitched revival of the PlayStation 2 classic Amplitude is happening.

Mid-Thursday afternoon, the game crossed over its estimated $775,000 goal, with just under 24 hours to go in the KickStarter program. As a result, the developer will now produce the game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, with an estimated release of early 2015.

The developer had been trying to ramp up excitement for the project all month, even going as far as announcing bands that would take part with Amplitude's soundtrack, including Anamanguchi and developer-favorited Freezepop. Now, all that's left to focus on is possible stretch goals for the campaign, as it can continue to earn money through this afternoon.

If you missed out on donating, or you want to take advantage of the many perks offered with it, you can still give to the Kickstarter campaign here here. Who knows? It might just make $800,000, and result in development team member John Drake taking another pie to the face. (Because, hey, that's not Nick Chester's bag, right?)

Harmonix is currently streaming live. Watch the stream below. (Update: The stream is over, but here's the archive.)

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