Heroes of the Storm adds Murky

For a Blizzard game, Heroes of the Storm seems to be lacking murlocs. But fear not, because the childlike Murky is riding in to fill the requisite murloc quota for Blizzard's upcoming MOBA. Originally unveiled at PAX East, this murloc is far from the jovial dancing amphibian you remember from his World of Warcraft days.

The newest Heroes of the Storm trailer shows a slightly darker (yet delightfully comical) backstory for the now-older Murky. The murloc fills a specialist role, utilizing Spawn Eggs that can be hidden anywhere on the map to create a forward spawn point, making him quite the persistent pest. When used correctly, Murky can quickly overwhelm the enemy by sheer perseverance and with his March of the Murlocs attack, which sics his murloc brethren on enemies.

Murky is the third of the four Heroes revealed at PAX East to debut in Heroes of the Storm, with only StarCraft's Zagara remaining. He can now be purchased from the game's shop, along with an alternate Grunty Murky skin.

For more on Murky, check out the Heroes of the Storm website. The full notes for the latest Technical Alpha patch can be found here.