Space Hulk adds co-op with new Harbinger of Torment DLC

Developer Total Control has completed work on the latest Space Hulk update, which will add co-op to the PC, Mac, Linux, and iPad versions at no extra charge. Billed as 'Space Hulk 1.5,' the free update will allow four players to join forces across all existing multi-squad missions, pitting three players against one of their friends.

The announcement was made earlier today on Space Hulk's Steam page. In Space Hulk co-op, each player controls a single Terminator squad, trying to take down the Genestealer controlled by another human. Games should also be able to kick off faster, thanks to a new lobby system.

Full Control has also accompanied this new feature with a new five-mission DLC campaign, called Harbinger of Torment, for PC, Mac, and Linux players.

To celebrate the arrival of co-op and the new campaign, Space Hulk is now 75% off on Steam from now until Saturday.