Guild Wars 2 ushers in the Festival of the Four Winds

Some time has passed since Guild Wars 2 concluded its 'Living World' story arc. And though Lion's Arch remains on the road to recovery, Tyria's races are ready to celebrate the Festival of the Four Winds with an all-new update.

The Zephyrites return to Lion's Arch, with Queen Jennah looking to help raise funds for the fallen central hub through some charity Gauntlets and Boss Blitzes. Players can also take a hot-air balloon ride to Divinity's Reach, visit the reopened Crown Pavillion, or participate in the Sanctum Sprint. The event culminates with the return of Lion's Arch services.

Players that walk around Lion's Arch may notice a distinct Chinese flavor adorning the city. That's because Arenanet is celebrating Guild Wars 2's recent release in China. The Chinese, who received GW2 on May 15, are set to receive this new content later this week.

For more on the Festival of Four Winds, visit the update page and watch the trailer below.