Heavy Bullets teaches the virtues of bullet control on PC

Comedian Chris Rock once said that America didn't need "gun control," it needed some "bullet control." Make bullets a scarce resource and society will naturally be more careful its guns. That's part of the premise of Heavy Bullets, the new roguelike first-person shooter from Devolver Digital and developer Terri Vellman, which sees players wield a single revolver with a small, finite number of oversized bullets.

Heavy Bullets sees players traversing through a multi-colored techno world and attempting to reach a central security mainframe. Guns contain only six bullets, each of which must be picked up again after use and manually reloaded. This makes taking down the numerous enemies and security drones wandering the world all the more difficult to take down.

As one might imagine, players will die often in Heavy Bullets and death is permanent. However, any money collected for upgrades can be banked for future use. And since death is such a frequent occurrence, there's even the option to invest in life insurance.

Heavy Bullets is currently in beta and is available now through Steam Early Access. The game's final version is set to release soon.