Destiny trailer details character abilities and upgrades

A new trailer for Destiny has emerged, showing off a behind-the-scenes peek at the upcoming first-person shooter. It also takes a closer look at some of the game's classes, straight from the perspective of some of the developers from Bungie.

The trailer (via Polygon) shows off some of Destiny's combat, while also discussing some of what players can expect from the game's playable characters. This includes abilities like the lift for the Titan, double-jump for the Hunter, and the glide for the Warlock. Characters can also take advantage of a special move that's triggered by both shoulder buttons.

"You go into third-person briefly and, depending on the ability that you're using, you do something unique, but it feels really cool," said lead designer Lars Bakken.

The developers add that the addition of player-controlled characters help make the campaign feel more social and unpredictable. Bungie anticipates players crossing paths at various points during the campaign, in which they can join forces to fend off onslaughts of enemies.

Destiny's beta is set to kick off in July, while the final version of the game arrives on September 9.