Game of Thrones: Nintendo - Lannisters

Some are born into greatness, others are made great, and still others climb to greatness upon a pile of Koopa corpses. What if the heroes and characters in the Nintendo universe were a little less Disney, and a little more Game of Thrones? What personalities would they match up with? We at Shacknews are out to find out which Nintendo characters would have a shot at winning the Iron Throne... adorned with a giant smiling star.

Cersei Lannister / Rosalina

Nintendo comes up a little short when it comes to princesses that are as devious, power-hungry, and cold-hearted as Cersei. However, if you take Rosalina and raise her in family as ruthless as the Lannister House, she could very easily become a brutal queen of the stars. Not only does Rosalina have a similar look, she has been getting more powerful since her first appearance in Super Mario Galaxy. She also has great power, knowledge of the universe, and often acts very mother-like. We can already imagine Rosalina throwing down lines like, "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die." After she crushes her foes in upcoming Super Smash Bros Wii U / 3DS.

Jaime Lannister / Dark Link

Every hero has a dark side, and it often manifests itself as an independent entity in the Nintendoverse. Shadow Link first makes an appearance in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and returns in various incarnation across a number of other games. Perhaps his most memorable appearance is in Ocarina of Time, where he challenges Link to an epic battle. He has all the same moves and weapon mastery as Link, which should rival that of Jaime Lannister's. As a magical copy of Link, we can infer that he has full memory of all his heroic deeds, even if he is indifferent to them. Jaime has a more complex relationship with his history of heroism and treachery, but if House Nintendo ever needed a dedicated guardian to the throne, Dark Link would be a fine choice.

Joffrey Baratheon / Prince Bowser Koopa Jr.

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's only son, and the born heir to the Koopa King's throne. He inherited his father's bad attitude, along with fire breathing powers, and is often thought of as bratty and spoiled. Although he doesn't the same sadistic nature as Joffrey, he does have a sociopathic side, exemplified by how he occasionally helps kidnap Princess Peach. Bowser Jr. is still very young and inexperienced as a ruler who is following his dad's lead. But who knows how things will turn out in a few years when he wants to take the Koopa Throne for himself? Bowser had better watch his shelled back before he finds a knife in it.

Tyrion Lannister / Toad

Toad has more in common with Tyrion Lannister than diminutive size. They're both generally underestimated by those around them, but have a great deal of hidden potential. Tyrion with his mind and wit, Toad in being one of the strongest and fastest characters in Super Mario Bros 2. Although Toad is often depicted as a bit of a coward, he does his best to support more powerful characters like Mario in his adventures. Not too unlike Tyrion paying Bronn to provide muscle and sword skills. The two can also rise to the occasion when necessary. Tyrion led the defense at The Battle of Blackwater, where he helped repel Stannis' forces. Similarly, Toad had to use speed and strategy to defeat a variety of opponents in Wario Woods for the SNES. Next week: Our trek trough the Nintendo Game of Thrones kingdom continues next week with the Starks. What characters do you think match up, and who would win the Iron Sunshine Star Throne? Let us know in Chatty.