Amplitude reboot shows off musical contributor line-up

With the Amplitude Kickstarter program just a few days away from completion (and about $400,000 from its goal) Harmonix has pushed promotion behind the would-be project into overdrive, announcing a number of bands that will take part if the game meets its funding.

Amplitude, which originally appeared on the PlayStation 2 many years ago, would feature a number of familiar groups in this new version. The line-up includes Anamanaguchi, who previously worked on the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game soundtrack; Danny Baranowsky, who composed the Super Meat Boy chiptunes; C418, who worked on Minecraft; Kasson Crooker; Jim Guthrie and popular band Freezepop, a band that previously contributed to the first Amplitude, as well as the PS2 cult hit Frequency. The tracks these bands provide will be entirely original, composed specifically for this HD reboot of the game.

"We're thrilled to be able to collaborate with these incredible artists who have proven themselves more than capable of delivering amazing tracks and setting the tone for some of our favorite games," said Amplitude creative lead Ryan Lesser. "Alongside the new original music our audio team is composing, we can't wait to hear what they bring to Amplitude!"

Those interested in contributing to the Kickstarter project can do so here.