Titanfall Companion App adds active mini-map to Xbox One and Xbox 360 games

Titanfall has made it slightly easier to keep track of the mass chaos and bedlam ensuing during each multiplayer battle. Respawn has released a new Titanfall Companion App for iOS and Android that helps Xbox One and Xbox 360 players not only track their stats on the go, but also keep track of their teammates and points of interest during Titanfall sessions.

As observed by Game Informer, the Titanfall Companion App's primary feature is connecting to active Xbox One or Xbox 360 sessions and acting as a mini-map. The mini-map will display friends by Gamertag, as well as revealing limited enemy positions.

The Titanfall Companion App currently supports the game's console versions and does not support the PC version at this time. It's available for free on the App Store and Google Play stores.