Bohemia Interactive celebrates 15 years with free Arma: Cold War Assault

This week marks a milestone for Bohemia Interactive. The studio is celebrating its 15th anniversary and it plans to do so in style. The entire Arma library, including DayZ, will be discounted on Steam for the next few days and Arma 3 players will get a chance to play the game for free this weekend. Bohemia is also offering something special for Arma fans by offering their debut game, Arma: Cold War Assault for free until Monday.

Those looking to visit the Arma series' roots will have the opportunity to pick up Arma: Cold War Assault, the first game in the franchise. The game will remain free on Steam between now and May 18. Players will also get the chance to try out Arma 3 for free on Steam until Sunday afternoon and pick up other Arma games at a cheaper price.

"From 15th May until 18th May, all Steam users are able to play Arma 3 for free, with access to all content except for the second and third campaign episode," reads the announcement on the Arma 3 Steam Community page. "Those who would like to continue playing afterwards can pick up Arma 3 with a massive 40% discount. Bohemia Interactive's other released games are also on sale – and while the studio does not usually offer discounts on its Early Access games, for its 15th anniversary Bohemia Interactive made a special exception, and has included DayZ and Take On Mars in the sale with a fitting 15% discount."

Celebrate 15 years of Bohemia Interactive by watching the trailer below.