Ubisoft goes viral with new Watch Dogs ad

Ubisoft is going all out to show what players can do in Watch Dogs. The latest viral ad for the forthcoming third-person action game actually puts power at the fingertips of a few unsuspecting shoppers, where (staged) things get out of hand quickly.

In the new ad, which you can view below, customers walk into a store where they tell a convenience store clerk that their mobile devices aren’t working properly. After a few minutes, he gets them to work again, and also explains that he’s added a special app to it for the trouble.

He then proceeds to show the customers just how the app works, being able to shut off lights in the store, and then turn them back on. From there, he proceeds outside…and this is where things get interesting.

The clerk proceeds to play around with the street lights, then walks over to an ATM and makes it spew out fake cash where people gather to pick it up. But it’s when the customers play around with a local traffic light that the chaos really picks up, as cars crash and the police show up.

We won't spoil the end, but, relax, no one gets arrested. It's all in good fun in regards to the promotion for the game.

Watch Dogs is available May 27th for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.