Rumor: Microsoft combining music and cloud services on Xbox One

Xbox One owners could soon be accessing their music and save games in one, convenient, cloud space. Rumors are circulating that Microsoft might combine the OneDrive and Xbox Music apps into one general service.

LiveSino, a site that focuses on Microsoft technology, is reporting that the two services will soon merge together to create the OneDrive Music folder.

The description reads as follows: "Meet your OneDrive Music folder. Upload your music files to this folder, so that you can play them via Xbox Music from any of your devices. You can also add files to this folder using the OneDrive app for your computer."

This means users will have to move any music over to the file once it goes live. "To get the full Xbox Music experience, move your music files into the Music folder on your OneDrive," the listing reads.

Microsoft hasn't officially announced anything, but it could be holding back the news until its pre-E3 press conference.

Thanks for the scoop, Polygon!