GOG 'Insomnia' sale kicks off

GOG kicked off its annual spring Insomnia sale today, offering deep discounts and some free games to boot. Games will be offered one at a time, but with a limited number of copies. Once that item runs out, the next goes up for sale. Planned games include Papers, Please, Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition, and Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail.

GOG.com has the ongoing sales. As one example, Alan Wake was recently offered for 80% off, and copies at that price ticked down at a rate of about 1-per-second. More heavily desired games are bound to go faster, and you never know what's on-tap next. GOG aims to make you lose sleep by sitting up watching the sales to make sure you don't miss one, a plan so fiendish that they must be some kind of retailer supervillains.