DriveClub trailers explain Clubs and Challenges

Now that DriveClub appears to be back on track, Evolution Studios is delving into more of their game's standout features. A pair of helpful new videos go into detail on Clubs and completing in-race challenges to help those Clubs reach new heights.

As explained previously, friends of all skill levels can band together to create their own Club. After selecting the Club name, logo, and colors, Club members can take to the game's various tracks and earn accolades. Along the way, Clubs will inevitably run into rival groups, with Challenges revolving around all of the player data collected over the life of the game. Challenges can revolve around certain in-race goals, but those preferring to go mano-a-mano can also engage in Faceoffs.

For more how Clubs, Challenges, and Faceoffs work, check out the trailers below. DriveClub pulls up to the PS4 track on October 7.