Ibb & Obb co-op platformer bounces onto PC on May 26

Ibb & Obb is moving from PS3 to PC on May 26th. Sparpweed's co-op platformer has two players trying to navigate a world where gravity goes up and down--depending on which side of the screen you're on. While you can technically play by yourself a la Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, it really isn't designed to be that experience. "On your own, it'll be very hard and simply less fun," the developers warn.

The upcoming Steam release will include support for both online and local co-op. Online, you'll match up with Steam friends or strangers. Local games can use any combination of keyboards and controllers. Because it's meant to be played co-op, a "Best Friends Forever" discount will be offered for getting two copies at once.

Unsurprisingly, this lo-fi platformer isn't particularly demanding with specs either. So long as you have a Windows XP system or better with a dual-core 2GHz machine and 512MB of RAM, you'll be set.