Harmonix crowd-funding for Amplitude remake

Music game developer Harmonix has started up a crowd-funding target for a remake of its PlayStation 2 game Amplitude. The remake is targeting PS3 and PS4, and the studio plans to launch it next March.

The Kickstarter project has a notably short life of only 18 days. It's targeting $775,000, but as of the time of writing it's reached almost $100,000 of it. The developer notes that it chose the short time frame because it needs to assign developers just after it ends, and if the project hadn't been secured by that point those resources would be put on other projects.

Hamonix says it's aiming to be "humble" by simply remaking Amplitude, rather than producing a full sequel. "The current goal is to make a faithful Amplitude "HD"--the core experience from PS2 re-developed for modern gaming devices," the project page says. However, it also mentions composing new music, which is the backbone of the game's structure, so it's not entirely a remake either.

Finally, the studio says that a PC release is unlikely, but when it lists its stretch goals a Vita port will probably be among them. For now, the base goal is just for PS3 and PS4.