Next Xbox One update will let you help improve speech recognition

"Xbox, watch A&E... No, not AMC. A&E. No, go back. Wait, Xbox. Stop. Ugh, Xbox go home."

When Xbox One's voice commands work, they can be rather magical. However, there will be times when Xbox simply doesn't understand what you're saying--and that can be frustrating. With the next system update, Microsoft is asking for fans to provide their own voice samples to help improve their voice recognition software.

Described as a "completely optional" opt-in setting, Xbox One owners will be able to share their speech data with Microsoft. The company promises all data "will be used for product improvement only," and that "the more voice samples we have to input into our algorithms, the better and more responsive Xbox One can be to our fans." In order to opt-in, you'll have to go to Settings, then Privacy & Online Safety, then "allow" Share Voice Data. We're probably not going to opt in, mostly because we don't want to hurt Microsoft's feelings with all the cussin' we do at home.

In addition, the next update will also introduce a sound mixer for Snap mode. With this new feature, you'll be able to control the volume levels of the two simultaneously running apps--so you can have live TV be much louder than your Titanfall session, for example.