Disney Infinity 2.0 toy boxes will be 'much larger' on next-gen

This year's Marvel-themed 2.0 update to Disney Infinity will be making a next-gen debut on PS4 and Xbox One. So, what will new console owners be able to expect out of their updated games? Obviously, the first bullet point is graphics. "We're looking at what we can do to make sure the game looks incredible," executive producer John Vignocchi said. But beyond that, there are some enhanced features to expect too. "From a features perspective, I'd say the thing we’re most excited about is that players are going to be able to create Toy Boxes now that are much, much larger than they were before," Vignocchi told Xbox Wire. Toy Boxes allow users to create their own levels and games--and share them with the rest of the Disney Infinity online community. Some of the creations have been quite good, but anyone that's tried the editor will be familiar with the limitations of last-gen hardware. "We've optimized the engine to allow the last-gen, PS3 and 360, to still build compelling Toy Box levels, but with Xbox One and PS4, the sky's the limit," he told Polygon.

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