'Project Legion' is a new PC FPS set in the EVE Online universe

CCP has announced a new "project" during its Fanfest. Dubbed "Legion," the first-person shooter is aiming for PC--unlike the team's previous free-to-play PS3 shooter, DUST 514. It promises to be "more of a sandbox experience" and "more true to EVE," according to executive producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon.

According to Polygon, players begin each round in a hangar, scanning starfields for battles and contracts--much like in DUST. However, the PvE co-op "sandbox" can be a scary place to explore. If you enter a low-security area, friendly fire will be turned on, and you can be betrayed by other players and have your loot taken.

CCP stresses that this "project" isn't a real game yet, but wanted to get feedback from the community. "If the community doesn't react well... more importantly they will help us shape the right product," Gaudechon told Polygon.

Of course, CCP's last big "project" was EVE-VR, which ended up turning into EVE: Valkyrie, a fully-featured game for Oculus and Morpheus. Should EVE players take to Legion, the game will move into full production onto PC--and quite possibly PS4 as well.

"We're still in project stage, we're very much in the stage of sharing with the community, very CCP style, to get feedback."