Elder Scrolls Online updates outlined for '2014 and beyond'

Now that Elder Scrolls Online is out, ZeniMax Online has transitioned to updates like the recent Craglorn. The studio has outlined some long-term plans now, with a sizable list of updates in the works.

In an update on the TESO Blog, the studio says these goals are for "2014 and beyond." The list includes 20 items in all, with particularly notable ones like a justice system to punish stealing and killing of NPCs, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quest lines, spellcrafting, horse racing, guild stores, and an Imperial City PvP dungeon. Those are mixed alongside improvements to lots of systems, like the crafting, facial animations, and field of view.

ZeniMax notes that most of these aren't pegged to a specific update yet. They're in active development and will presumably get ironed out into updates as the studio finds how quickly they come together.

The blog also issues an apology to players who lost game time while the servers were offline due to launch issues. To make up for it, they're offering 5 days of extra subscription time to anyone who set up their account prior to 8 PM on May 1. If you're eligible for the free game time, you'll get a notice by e-mail.