Tera celebrating birthday with a new class and double XP

Tera is celebrating two years this month, and En Masse Entertainment has announced its birthday plans. Events will be going on throughout the month, including increased rewards for pinging levels, double XP, and the introduction of a new class.

The new Reaper class will launch on May 13. It's a close and mid-range fighter, and you'll need both an existing level 40 character and an open slot to create one. If you're not at level 40, the double XP event will make it a little easier to get there. Starting tomorrow at 11 AM PT, you can get double XP for all of your kills. Quest XP will remain the same. That will remain into effect until the Reaper launches on May 13.

If you need more incentive to level up, this month will also grant extra rewards for hitting levels at multiples of 10. When you reach level 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 you'll get an extra reward box in your parcel post, with better rewards for those who hit higher levels. You can find the full list of rewards at the events page.