Ubisoft 'had no choice' but to move Watch Dogs

We've heard Ubisoft comment on the Watch Dogs delay, noting that it left room for more ideas. With its release now just around the corner, senior VP of marketing Tony Key has expanded on just how hard it was to make that decision, and how now they're finding a silver lining.

"Whenever we remove a chunk of revenue that size, it's going to be a material impact on not only our earnings for that year but even our stock price," Key told [a]listdaily (via GameSpot). "This is not an easy decision to make for any company. On the day we announced that, I think our stock dropped 40 percent or some ridiculous number. We've recovered since because people are seeing the rest of our lineup and it turns out maybe it was a good idea. We had no choice, despite the fact that it put us in a tough financial position in the short term. We're a long-term company, with a long-term vision, and Watch Dogs for us is a long-term play. We had no choice. We knew it was the right thing to do, but it doesn't make it hurt any less."

But with that ugliness behind it, Key says they stumbled upon a positive side too. Launching in spring means a much less crowded release calendar to compete with.

"One of the benefits of the move, and we didn't know this when we moved it, is we have a very share of voice in the marketplace right now," Key said. "There are very few other titles shipping in our launch window. We've got just enough time before E3 when lots of new games, including Ubisoft, are going to be on display. We have our moment, and that's something you really don't always get at the holiday with your brands."

Watch Dogs was originally slated for way back on November 19, but is now now scheduled for May 27 instead. It will have a Season Pass complete with cyborg-hunting. Check out our recent preview for more details on the multiplayer.