Sony explains how Morpheus and Oculus are 'helping each other'

Oculus and Project Morpheus are both going after the VR consumer. And while they're technically competitors, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida sees the competition as healthy for gamers. In fact, he says that the two rival headsets are indirectly helping each other out.

"We are still really trying to define or discover what works and what's required for the hardware tech," Yoshida explained. "So in trying these things, we are kind of helping each other."

Yoshida told VentureBeat that Oculus has figured out "low persistence," something that Morpheus currently doesn't have. However, Sony has the 3D audio and positional tracking advantage. "We're pushing different things. Like everything in engineering, once someone does it, it's common knowledge. Engineers, when they see that another person has done it, that elevates their perspective to push further. At this stage, we're helping each other and trying to find solutions to a lot of problems that we're trying to solve."

Of course, the two companies aren't directly working with each other, Yoshida was careful to point out. "Even though we don't work with each other directly, we're helping each other as far as announcing something or showing a proof of concept or publishing some documents or something like that."