Transformers Universe opens Founders program

The free-to-play "MOTA" Transformers Universe isn't quite ready to transform and roll out yet, but in the meantime Jagex has opened up a Founders Program to get in with some bonus goodies. They're available now and range from the somewhat reasonable $44.99 to a Unicron-sized $449.99.

The packs can be found on the official site. Each includes a founder's title and avatar as a starting point, but then branch out from there. Bronze, the lowest priced model, grants you 60 days season pass and $30 of relic items. Silver and Gold up that to 90 days/$50 and 180 days/$100, respectively. The high-priced Cybernite pack includes a full year and $250 in relics. Players who purchase that will get a Transformers universe figurine to boot.