Battlefield 4 server rentals hit technical snag on Xbox One

A new patch for Battlefield 4 has rolled out the Rent-A-Server program on consoles, but some technical issues have forced DICE to disable the feature on Xbox One for the time being. Servers that were already rented can still be accessed for matches, but admins may not be able to access management features while the studio works on a fix.

A note on the Battlefield Blog announced the arrival of the service, then quickly updated regarding the technical issues. A fix is in the works, and the blog thanks players for their patience.

Once the Rent-A-Server program is working, it will let you customize options like map rotation and player count. Server prices range from $1.49 for a single day, $6.99 for 7 days, $24.99 for 30 days, or $59.99 for 90 days. This was to be a soft launch of the program, with capacity increasing gradually. The update also fixed the "Death Shield" bug that would let players essentially use the deceased bodies of other players as ammo fodder.