Co-op platformer Chariot announced for PlayStation 4

By Steve Watts, Apr 30, 2014 9:00am PDT

Zombie Tycoon developer Frima Studios has announced its next game, a PlayStation 4 adventure platformer called Chariot. Described as a 2D, couch co-op game, it's meant for two players to guide a chariot through underground physics-based stages, though the studio claims it can be played solo as well. It's due this fall.

A post on the PlayStation.Blog details the development process and how the story came together. It centers around a princess taking her father's remains to a resting place with the help of her fiancé, but the king's ghost constantly insists on looting riches to bury with him. Apparently he thinks you can take it with you. So the two players will need to tunnel underground and go off the beaten path to find more precious loot. The idea is to enable players to strategize side-by-side.

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