Super Smash Bros tournament at E3, to be playable at Best Buy

The next Super Smash Bros has been teased about as long as any game can handle, and is finally due out this year. Of course Nintendo will be showing it off at E3, but more than a month remaining before the event, the company has already outlined some of its plans for the heavy-hitter.

Buried in a lovably goofy comedy sketch from Mega64, Nintendo announced that it will be hosting a Smash Bros Invitational tournament at the Nokia Theater during E3. It is inviting 16 notable Smash Bros players to throw down in the upcoming Wii U game, and will be broadcasting a livestream of the tourney. For those who can't make it to Los Angeles, Best Buy locations will be hosting a "Smash Fest" with a playable version of the game, resuming the two companies' E3 partnership.

Nintendo also announced it will be hosting a "Digital Event," which it calls a new kind of video program similar to Nintendo Direct. It will air at 9 AM PT on Tuesday, June 10. Finally, the company will be hosting live broadcasts during the entire E3 show, hosted by the "Treehouse" product development department.