Mario Kart 8 Best Buy pre-order includes free (real) gas

As retailer pre-order incentives go, Best Buy has come up with one creative solution: pay for your trip to the store. Heading to the retailer to get Mario Kart 8 will net you a $10 voucher for actual, real-life gas for the car you used to get there. Hooray for practicality!

Best Buy has set up a special site (via GameSpot) to redeem the code on your receipt when you pick up your pre-order. That will get you a $10 Gas Cash card, which you can then use at any gas station that accepts MasterCard. If you pre-order online, you'll get the code by e-mail without wasting precious, precious petrol in the process.

Mario Kart 8 is due out May 30, featuring all manner of vehicles that don't need gas at all. Karts in the Mushroom Kingdom run on crushed goombas.