Consoles still on top but smartphones gaining ground, says ESA survey

Consoles remain the dominant platform of choice for gamers, according to an ESA survey, but smartphones are gaining ground quickly. The annual sales and demographics data is chock full of breakdowns by gender, age, and genre, but the stats on system usage are likely to catch the most attention.

According to the survey (via Polygon), 68% of American households play on consoles, as compared to 53% on smartphones. Of course, some gamers play on more than one kind of device.

The survey also debunks the common perception of the hobby as the realm of young boys. Women aged 18 or older represent 36% of the gaming population, as compared to only 17% of that figure coming from boys younger than 18. Women aged 50 and older increased significantly during the time period of the survey too, a whopping 32%. And women and men are tied at an even 50/50 for the gender that makes video game purchases.

Casual and social games are ruling the online and mobile game spaces, at 30% and 46%, respectively. Puzzle, trivia, and card games are a close second at 28% and 31%.