Xbox Originals pricing not yet determined

Microsoft has rather ambitious plans for its "Xbox Originals" program. However, there's a crucial aspect to their plan which hasn't been determined yet. How much will it cost?

While it's entirely possible that these series could be included as part of an Xbox Live Gold subscription, Xbox Entertainment head Nancy Tellem told us that the company is "exploring the stages of whether or not it will be behind a paywall."

Admitting that "right now, we're guessing," Tellem said that "we'll get a better idea of what's working, what's not once it's up." For example, the initial wave of content landing on Xbox Originals is definitely geared towards the gaming audience. "You want to at least appeal to the people that are at least on our platform," she said.

The goal of TV on Xbox is to become "TV where it wants to be," by offering "frictionless" and "non-obtrusive" interactivity to the viewing experience. For example, time-shifted comments could theoretically make you feel like you're watching a program at the same time as friends, even if you're watching it at separate times on-demand.

"We're in this for the long run," Tellem said.