Mad Max video shows off car customization & combat

Has it really been nearly a year since we've seen footage of Avalanche's upcoming Mad Max game? A new trailer today showcases the "Magnum Opus," a car Max must use after his Interceptor gets stolen.

Players will be able to customize their ride to best suit their needs. For example, adding rail guards or armor frames will help minimize damage. A better engine will help land jumps where goodies may be hidden. Attaching shredder rims to the wheels will improve offensive damage. Installing protective spikes on your car will prevent marauders from jumping onto your car--or at least hurt them a lot.

According to Avalanche, the harpoon is the most versatile tool to upgrade, however. By focusing on it, players will be able to rip off armor plates, tires, and doors off cars. They can even pull out drivers. In addition, the harpoon will let players change the environment, pulling down watch towers and gates.